The Waltz Set

by Miss Tess

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This is a concept album of five original song and one cover of "End of the World", the 1962 country hit. Please enjoy these musings of bicycles and ferris wheels all set to 3/4 time.


released October 1, 2010

Miss Tess: guitar & vocals
Alec Spiegelman: clarinet & sax
Danny Weller: upright bass
Matt Meyer: drums
Christopher MacDonald: vibes, piano, recording and mixing engineer



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Miss Tess Nashville, Tennessee


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Track Name: The Bicycle Song
Wheels are turning you’re burning the asphalt and breezing the air. Looking ahead instead of where you’ve already been. There’s no need to stop at the traffic light. Say farewell to the cars as you ride right by. Wheels are turning you’re learning the lefts and the rights of the road. Fighting for flight beside all the traffic jams taking control. They’re all angry and impatient. Can you blame them? But the best time I find is the still of the night when the city is sleeping and all of the cars are parked in their driveways or in spaces that don’t have street cleaning finally, finally, finally. Wheels are turning you’re earning the wings of a roadworthy bird. Pushing the pedals and feeling quite settled not saying a word. Going faster and no one can catch and there’s nothing that can stop you now.
Track Name: Song for a Southern Boy
What a beautiful love you have been, dear. What a beautiful sweet surrender. Too soon came the time for a lover’s goodbye and I can’t hold you in my arms. For days I have had the idea to tell you I’ll come back and see ya. I’ll sing you a song but I can’t stay for long and I can’t hold you in my arms. Nobody said it was easy to give up yourself completely, then pick up and go if there’s one thing I know is that I can’t hold you in my arms. Now you have come to your senses and these are the consequences. You broke your own rules for a traveling muse and you can’t hold me in your arms. Maybe one day we’ll be together and travel through all kinds of weather, but how can this be much more than a dream when I can’t hold you in my arms.
Track Name: Dreams Aren't Meant to Die
Dreams aren’t meant to fade darling. Dreams aren’t meant to die. Giving up is easy when you’re afraid to try. When the world grows small again what are you following. When will you get a reply. I play this guitar wonder where you are oh dreams aren’t meant to die. Taking a walk in a starlit park. Hearing a voice in the air. It’s telling me confidentially “you’re secrets are safer in here”. So I sing my song as the night turns to dawn again. What does it matter to me? I got nothing to show and nowhere to go and I need your company. But when nobody’s there and you breathe in the air there’s a feeling of calm. Even though you’re alone time is your own creation. Headed for home I’ll make it by dawn the hours have tumbled away. The streets lay still as a statue as they quietly welcome the day. So awaken the sun and the morning has come again wearily wandering am I. It’s come to an end. I know where I’ve been, and dreams aren’t meant to die.
Track Name: Wonder Wheel
Who wants to ride on the wonder wheel oo ee oo eee. Circle around in a car made of steel oo ee oo eee. It’s apparent our passion is growing as the neon around us is glowing. Who wants to ride on the wonder wheel oo ee oo eee. Hoping our ride will not stop I’m just waiting to get to the top. Don’t give a care or a thought that our tiny car might drop. Who wants to ride on the wonder wheel oo ee oo eee. Take my hand is it takes us so far above the land, so high we see ocean and sand round and around and again. Who wants to ride on the wonder wheel oo ee oo eee.
Track Name: Save Me Saint Peter
Save me Saint Peter I’m feeling low. Save me Saint Peter you know where I’m going. Save me Saint Peter get off of your throne. Save me Saint Peter I’m out on my own. Save me Saint Peter I’m so all alone. Walkin’ on water is a hell of a stand. No solid ground and no helping hand. Livin’ on faith and the strength of a man. You walk on water and I’ll stand if I can. I’ll leave walkin’ on water to you my good man. Lend me your net. Throw me your line. I’m down in the water. Caught nothing this time. I’ve been here for ages I’m caught in a bind. A sea full of barstools is all I can find. Save me Saint Peter you’ve seen me before. You know all my stories and I know what you pour. Save me Saint Peter get me off of your floor. Save me Saint Peter I’ll ask you once more. I know I have wandered most all of my life and you’ll tell me my future when the timing is right. I hope and I pray I’ll convince you alright that heaven’s the end of a long crazy night.